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When I finally decided to tackle posting these articles to try and help artists become more self-sufficient, I wasn’t sure where to even begin. And then it hit me, the Facebook Artist Page.

When I talk with other artists, it is often assumed that the first thing you really need is a website. While you do need a website, there are some other things that should be taken care of first. 1.) An Artist Fan Page and 2.) An email list. (Email? What? Don’t worry, we will get to that in another post.)

The Artist Fan Page

This post is going to focus on setting up your Facebook Fan Page. Specifically, how to set up an artist Facebook page in 3 easy steps. (sounds like an infomercial!) Even if you have a Fan Page already, you may still be interested to read on a bit and see if there is anything else that might help you.

Why start with a Facebook Fan Page? Well, there a few reasons but the main one is based on one of the biggest misconceptions about websites. Many people who build a website think that you just need to build a nice website and then magically people will want to visit your site and buy your artwork.

I soooo wish that it worked that way. Unfortunately, for both of us, it doesn’t quite happen like that.

That means it is up to you to start getting your art out there online and start building relationships with people who enjoy your artwork. (Your website will come later.) Since relationships involve continuous interaction, where better can you interact? Social networks, of course!

Be Social

Social networks are one of the best tools in your “artist toolkit.” When I first started designing websites in 1999, I would get so disappointed because, I would work so hard on a website, only to see that no one was visiting it. As I looked into what I was doing wrong, the reason is simple. No one could find it!

Numbers Check! A quick check of my stats today show that in the last 30 days, 53% of my website traffic came from social networks. 

You don’t need a shopping cart

Since we are clearing up misconceptions, I would like to clear up one more and that has to with the ability to sell artwork on social networks. So, here it goes…

You can.

As you build relationships and post your work, you will find that people will inquire about your work and engage with you as an artist. Be open and be honored that people are interested in your artwork. As your networks grow, so will your sales. I will get more into selling on Facebook in future posts.

For now though, I recommend getting your page set up and start looking around at artists you admire and see how they are using Facebook. While you are it, follow them on Twitter, Instagram and be sure to sign up for their mailing list if they have one. We can learn a lot from others. There are a lot of great articles online about how to use Facebook well. You may also consider jumping over to the Internet Sales Strategies board on There are a lot of tips and ideas there to get you started.

Share your Page

After you are done setting up your artist page (or if you already have one), be sure to share it down in the comments or on Facebook, so others can see your art!

View my Artist Page:


Step 1

Sign into your Facebook account and then visit this page –>

You will see a screen that looks like this.

Click on “Artist, Band or Public Figure”

Step 1 to sign up your artist facebook page

Step 2

Select “Artist” and enter the name you would like for your page.

Whatever name you enter in the here is what your Facebook address is going to be. So, if you enter “Bob Smith Artist” your address will be

Facebook only allows you to change your name ONCE! So, take a minute and think about what you want to be represented as.

Step 2 to setup and artist facebook page

Step 3

Complete the following 4 steps in the next screen. You can skip any or all of the steps if you wish.

TIP: I recommend that you click “SKIP” on the step labled, “4. Reach More People.”

You are not ready to invite all your friends and family to come and visit your new Facebook Artist page! You can do that later. I know you are anxious to show everyone but wait to invite all your friends and family until after your cover photo has been updated and you have some content there for people to see.

Also, be sure to upload some photos of your work, complete the about page and write a couple of welcome posts to give our page some content.

Then invite all your friends!

Step 3 to sign up your artist fan page.

What’s Next?

As I mentioned above, the next step is going to be looking at how to setup a mailing list.

The best part is you can put your mailing list sign up form on the Facebook Artist Page you just created!

Have comments or tips of your own? Feel free to comment below.



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