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After posting last week’s article about how to setup a Facebook artist (fan) page in three steps, I received a number of comments/questions from people who didn’t quite understand why it was so important. So, I thought I would take a few minutes and go over some of the reasons why a self-representing artist needs a fan page.

Before we get into the reasons why it is important, let’s first look at some of the comments that I received from people who were not too sure about the idea.

“I already have a Facebook profile.”

“I don’t want to manage a separate page. I don’t have the time.”

“All my friends already know where to find me.”

Now, those those are perfectly legitimate concerns. However, if we are talking about becoming self-sufficient artists, we do have to begin to think a little a bit differently on how we approach getting our art gets out to the rest of the world.

Artist disclaimer:
I know, as artists, it can be hard to draw a line between our private lives and our public artwork. Many of us, put so much of ourselves into our artwork, that it may feel like there is maybe no line at all. I struggled with this for years. “I am my art and my art is me,” I would think to myself. I still struggle with this. We wouldn’t be artist, if we didn’t.

Also, if you missed the article about how to setup your artist page, you can find that by clicking here.

Let’s Talk About Work. (Just for a second)

Before we get into the 8 reasons, let first address the fact that, yes, it does take more work to manage an additional page. No way around it. It just does. However, in the bigger scheme of all the things that you do as you become a self-sufficient artist, this is the one that you don’t want to skip. Not to mention, once it set up, the time investment is fairly minimal. Facebook makes it pretty easy to switch between you two pages. With that said, when it comes to promoting your artwork, it is the best return on your time investment.


8 Benefits of Having An Artist Page Over A Personal Profile On Facebook


1.) Insights

As you put yourself and your art out there, it is important to know what what kinds of results your actions are getting. Since we don’t have staff and unlimited time on our side, we need to know what we are doing and be frugal with the time we do spend

With Facebook insights, you can see a ton of information about the activity that is taking place on your fan page. It helps you understand how much engagement you get from your posts, where people are visiting from, what age ranges prefer your kind of artwork, you can even watch other pages to see how your activity compares to them.

I guess I always think of stats/analytics like this. The better I understand my activity, the less time I need to spend on it, results in the more time I get to spend in the studio. (That’s where we all really want to be anyway, right?)

To give you an idea of what insights can provide, here are two screenshots from my stats.


My Stats Overview



Performance of my last 5 posts



2.) Unlimited Friends

Your personal profile limits you to 5,000 friends. That may seem like a lot of people but as time goes on, you can hit 5,000 before you know it.

3.) Public Art / Private Life

I am always surprised how many times, I visit the website of an artist that I run across and immediately go to their Facebook page, only to find out it is their personal profile and they have everything hidden from public view. (I have to be honest. As a lover and consumer of art, this one drives me bonkers.)

Don’t get me wrong, I completely get why we all want to hide personal details and photos from other people. That is what those privacy settings are great for!

However, that is the exact reason why fan pages were created. So, that you no longer have to mix your private life of family and friends, with the public life of your art world.

You can only put the items on your fan page that you want everyone to see. Not to mention, you can invite all your friends and family to like your fan page and follow along there too!

4.) Search Engines Like Fan Pages better

One of the biggest hurdles of an artist is getting people to find you. Facebook fan pages help with this because they are indexed by search engines. This means that items from your Artist page have a better possibility of coming up in a someones search results.

To illustrate what I mean, when I search “keemo” on Google, my Facebook fan page is the second result.  (Click here to give it a try)

5.) Tabs

Tabs are like extra pages on Facebook, that you can do what you want with. For example, if you view the screenshot of my page below, you will see I have an tab called “Subscribe via Email.” If you click on that, you will see a form where people can sign up to receive these tip via email.  This is an example of a custom tab. There are a whole bunch of different apps you can use on tabs and you can’t do that on your personal profile.

Note: In a future post, I will show you how to embed a signup form in your Facebook fan page.



6.) More Tagging. More better.

Getting your artwork out there is about making your artwork visible. The more people that tag your photos the more likely you will show up in people news feeds.

When it comes to your fan page, both fans and other fan pages can tag your page.  Whereas, only your friends can tag your personal Facebook profile page.

7.) Advertising

If you are still establishing yourself as an artist online, you are probably not ready for paid advertising. However, when you do, you will want to consider a small campaign to direct visitors to your fan page. I will get into this in more detail later but for now you have to trust me on this one.

8.) Use Facebook as Your Artist Page

Facebook now allows you to use Facebook as your fan page. This means as you like, comment and share things, you are doing this as your fan page. Engaging as this page provides valuable exposure for your art.

Well, that is all I have for tonight. If I think of anything else I will come back and add/edit this page. Thanks for reading.

What do you think?

Do you have some other reasons why a fan page is great for artists? I would love to hear them!

Feel free to comment below or drop me a message and let me know.



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